Friday, December 22, 2006
Ready Made Dog!!!!
This little girl is just so quiet and well behaved that I feel like I have nothing out of the ordinary to report except that she’s a ready made dog and is just looking for some one to love and appreciate that.

We all go on daily hikes in the Kettle Moraine Forest and she is a perfect walker on a leash.
When in the house, she is content to lay and chew her bones.
She has never had an accident in the house & is very polite while eating her food.
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Amazing Maizy Is Here
What can I say about Maisy. She is so sweet & quiet that some lucky family is going to get a great dog!

She has been with us for just 2 weeks & she gets along so well with my other 4 dogs & 3 cats it’s like she’s been with us forever.
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